Getting past the procrastination stage when studying

Struggling to get back into your studies? Looking at the words in your study text but nothing is quite sinking in? Read our tips on how to get past the procrastination stage.

24 Jan 2023


“You are good enough” - autism and my success

Gavin Simpson, is a successful accountant and is passionate about neurodiversity awareness. Find out how he used his differences to his advantage.

06 Jan 2023


It’s never too late to resume your career

Faisal Mahmood shares his battle with OCD, and how he resumed his accountancy career later on in life.

06 Jan 2023


Overcoming personal and logistical obstacles in pursuit of success - a student story

Don't let obstacles get in your way - find out how David powered through to success

08 Jun 2022

Kaplan News

Discover what our students really think about Kaplan

Find out what our students really think about Kaplan

08 Jun 2022