How to talk to your parents about ACCA OnDemand


Interested in studying for ACCA using Kaplan’s award winning ACCA OnDemand but need to convince your parents or guardians? We’ve outlined some key information to help you reassure them that online learning with Kaplan is just as fruitful, robust and rewarding as classroom learning.

Online learning is the future

We live in a digital age, and many experts believe that online learning is the future of education. Each year an increasing number of students take to their computers to access education through distance learning programmes which help them build the digital skills demanded by employers today.

"People expect digital and virtual learning to be the new normal in the next decade"
2019 Pearson Global Learner Survey

Studying ACCA online with OnDemand offers the flexibility and freedom to fit revision around your life. You can learn while you commute, on your lunch break, while you’re waiting for coffee – the choice is yours.

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Busting the myths around online learning with ACCA OnDemand

Myth about structure

Online learning offers more structure than classroom
Expert tutors guide students through the whole syllabus via a structured pathway so you know exactly what you need to complete and when, helping to keep you on track just like in the classroom.

Myth about pass rate

Pass rates better for ACCA when studying in online
ACCA OnDemand is an award winning programme which generates pass rates above or consistent with our comparable classroom based courses and in fact, OnDemand pass rates are 20% higher than ACCA’s averages*

Myth about support

You can communicate with tutors when studying online
Our team of Progression Advisors (previously Learning Coach) offer advice, guidance and support and are available throught the week. You can also get an instant answer with LiveChat or get a response in less than four working hours via request a call back and email.

Myth about poor quality

The teaching materials are higher quality
Content is created with the same rigor and care as classroom-based by industry professionals. It contains everything you need to pass your exams including all course materials, easy-to-follow video tutorials, knowledge tests, mock papers and more.

Why Kaplan?

Kaplan can trace its roots back to the very beginning of accountancy training and we’ve has been helping students across the world pass ACCA exams for more than 20 years. We’re proud to be recognised as an ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner.

We know how important these exams are to you, and you can trust us to give you the best OnDemand learning experience.


Use this brochure aimed at parents and guardians to talk to them about how the ACCA qualification can provide you with an exciting career in finance that can open doors world-wide.

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