Data Analytics


Data Analytics

Ever-changing technological advancements mean that having robust data analysis skills is essential. From using big data to test hypotheses, to making predictions and identifying anomalies to drive efficiency and business performance, these roles are increasingly in demand.

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ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate Programme

Finance professionals have an increasing opportunity to play a vital role in harnessing and making sense of data, by providing evidence-based, forward-looking insights and assurance that support decision making.

We have collaborated with ICAEW to develop a highly practical and applied Data Analytics Certificate programme, tailored for finance professionals working in decision support, audit and assurance roles.

There are two learning pathways tailored to provide maximum benefit to finance professionals.

Both courses are fully online and flexible, allowing you to work through the modules at a self managed pace. They include instructional videos, use cases, practical exercises, and a case study. Upon successful completion of the case study you’ll be awarded the ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate to demonstrate your capabilities in your chosen pathway.

ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate - Analyst Pathway

  • Highly applicable and practical course for those wanting to develop their skills in data analytics, in order to better support their business and their clients with forward-looking insight (e.g. predictive forecasts) and assurance (e.g. anomaly detection).
  • Tailored case study that places you in the role of a Finance Analyst, giving you the chance to put the practical analytic skills into practice to make an informed investment decision.

ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate - Management Pathway

  • Designed for those who are seeking to develop their operational data analytics capabilities.
  • Course designed to enable managers to enhance the value their analytics teams bring to the business and clients by providing evidence-based, forward-looking insights and assurance that support decision making.
  • Case Study places you in a management role in a private equity firm. Here you'll demonstrate your understanding of analytics work performed by your team, and combine it with an investment appraisal to make an informed decision.

“It's fantastic to be able to partner with Kaplan to develop this Data Analytics Programme with its two learning pathways that are specifically tailored to the finance profession. Our research has shown there is a clear need for a programme that is not only tailored to the changing needs and skill set of the accountant, but importantly combines the learning with the assessment - which we’re able to do with the Certificate.”

Jonathan Levy
ICAEW Director of Product Development